After a great December vacation in Mexico with my family, the beginning of a new year with new habits …. February is here!


A short month but a beautiful one. A month to celebrate love, friendship and brotherhood.

I love the beginning of the month since it comes with new Young Living promotions and this month besides the promo we started it with friends from Mexico at home, the Super Bowl in our state and new projects!

Do you have a gift for your significant other?

Do you want some ideas of easy things you can do? And you will be supporting wellness without chemicals!

  1. The easiest gift… a Sensation oil that you can use to give each other a delicious massage.
  2. What about a linen spray? You need a spray bottle; distilled water and you can use these combinations:
    1. Sandalwood, ylang ylang and orange
    2. Sensation and orange
  3. For him… a Shutran oil… and believe me you will love it too!
  4. Do you have a diffuser? These combinations can enhance a romantic environment!
    1. Jazmin, orange and ylang ylang
    2. Sandalwood, lavender and ylang ylang
    3. Sensation, cypress and lavender

There are healthy options and delicious aromas that can awake your senses!

Do you want to learn more about the February promo products? I will have a Facebook Live on February 7th at 2:00pm Central time on my fan page