I was never an athlete. As a child I was in dance class for more than 10 years, then I played tennis, I gave a season for swimming, cycling and walking, but I was never constant and much less aware of the importance of exercising daily.

After having my son and gaining a few extra pounds, I decided not only to take care of my diet but also to make exercise a habit. For the first time in my life I started going to a gym, at first, I was not very constant; But the day came when I heard the lecture of a great doctor and something really impacted me.

This doctor talked about a prescription that he could prescribe to any patient and that did not fail, guess what? 30 MINUTES OF DAILY EXERCISE.

No matter what physical activity you do, it matters that you enjoy it.

Whether walking, running, swimming, zumba, yoga, the options are countless you just need to make the decision and do it, think about your well-being.

When listening to this doctor I made the decision to really make it a habit and enjoy it. I have been attending the gym for more than 3 years. Now I have incorporated zumba … I like to dance and I like Latin music so an hour of a lot of exercise, dancing and endorphin release! I leave from there renewed, happy, tired, but with energy to do the activities of the day.

Make the decision and do the exercise you like best. And even better if in your routine you incorporate some essential oils or supplements …. I will share with you what I have integrated into my routine!