I was always attracted by the aromas. I loved going to those stores where besides creams you can get the shower gel, the refreshing spray and other things with the same aroma; my favorite coconut-lemon.

For some months, I lived in France and fragrances were an important part of my life. I remember buying in this country a perfume that I could only get there. It was the perfume I used for great occasions. Its aroma was exquisite and its price was significant …. and I never became aware of the price my body paid for using it.

After having a love affair with the scents now I do not use perfumes or personal care products that I purchase in supermarkets or department stores. You also do not find in my house or car any aromatic product or candles. And if you ask yourself why, the answer is simple: our cells do not distinguish between good and bad.

Did you know that perfumes and other products contain natural plant essences?

I guess you do. And did you know that they also contain lots of synthetic chemicals? Maybe you know too. However, do you know the damage they do to your body? All these synthetic ingredients are hormonal disrupters and cause a lot of health problems.

We have options on hand that are safe, come from nature and do not hurt us. My perfume is now an essential oil and I have discovered delicious aromas … my favorites: stress away, harmony, gratitude. Instead of scented candles in my house you find diffusers that disperse essential oils; a refreshing blend is purification and lemon. Another of my favorite one is ylang ylang and spearmint. The options are endless.

Do you love the aromas? Take care of your body, take care of your cells, enjoy the aromas that nature gives us. Try essential oils and find a whole new world of sweet, spicy, fresh scents. You will start a new love relationship.