A 4-bedroom split home, 10 adults, 10 children and a dog! Crowed? Yes! But happiness at its maximum splendor!

When I moved to Minnesota I left everything behind and what its been most difficult is not enjoying my family, gatherings, parties, family trips to the beach, my son playing with his cousins and just being around them.

So. 20 is the number of members in my family! They live thousands of miles away and we get together, all of us, every other year during Christmas time at my parents house in Sonora.

One of my dreams was to have all of them in Minnesota so they could see where I live and show them around this beautiful state that has become my home.

This dream finally came true this summer!  My husband worked his magic and made it possible!

What started as my mom and dad visiting, as they usually do during this time of the year ended up in a family vacation that we will never forget.

Twins game, rides at the Mall of America, horse races, water slides, mini-golf, spending time at the lake with wonderful friends and family, carne asada and delicious Mexican food at home, music, late nights, lots of kids running around, screams, a broken TV and everything you can imagine!

Family is a core value for me and not being able to visit them but once a year was one of the reasons I started my home-based business.

I never imagine in my wildest dreams that our business was going to give me the chance to bring all of them to me and give them a vacation that will always be in their hearts.

If you have dreams and you are looking for a vehicle to help you achieve them find your passion and purpose. I found them with my first experience with essential oils.

If you want to experience what essential oils can do for you get a Young Living Starter Kit. It all began there for me!