Five years ago, I was invited to be part of the Young Living winter harvest. My leaders and great friends, Scott and Brenda Schuler invited me and without knowing what it about was I said YES!

This harvest takes place at Highland Flats the Young Living farm located in Idaho where they harvest Idaho blue spruce, Idaho balsam fir and other pine trees.

I dont know what I was thinking that I said YES! Or maybe I didnt think at all! Can you imagine? Me, a Mexican born in Sonora who was used to extreme hot weather and willing to work for a week in the month of January in white place with snow all around it and extreme cold temperatures.

And yes, you read it right! Going to harvest is about working and not just being an observant. It is starting the day at 6 in the morning to work in the forest doing any activity you choose . Either working with the horses pulling trees, using machines, or picking up branches and ending the day sharing with others and learning.

Its been one of the best decisions in my life not only change the vision I had about essential oils and aromas, but I met great people, I had the chance to share a week with great leaders and the best to learn from Gary Young who was there working with us all week long and at night he will teach us. I was more than fortunate to be there!

The Seed to Seal warranty is not a marketing tag is something that happens, and you can take part of it. I love that Young Living has open doors for anyone who wants to visit a farm and its distilleries. I love to be part of a community with a common purpose which is wellness to all. I love to know I can make the difference is someones life.

And you, do you want to make a difference? What are you doing to achieve that?