There are things that get us excited and enhance our mood. Maybe being with friends, going shopping, a new pair of shoes, dancing, a dinner with a good friend, traveling and many more things will make us feel happy, right? Well, besides all of the above.

These are 5 things I can not go without. And yes it has to do with one of my addictions: Young Living. Here are my TOP 5 do you want to know why?

1.       Progessence Plus. This blend was created to support our hormones. If my hormones are in order, the dragon inside me will be sleeping. I am in a great mood; my husband is happy, and any woman issues are under control.


2.       Stress Away. A delicious blend with an exquisite aroma. I use it as a perfume but helps me a lot in those moments when everything seems to be falling apart  The job, children, the husband, the traffic, activities. I always carry one in my purse!


3.       Slique Essence. We like to look great and take care of our body. Slique Esscence helps me control anxiety for food. I also put some drops in my water and it makes me feel satisfied when eating. If you have some extra pounds o you want to maintain your weight, you will love it!


4.       Frankincense. OMG, I use this oil for so many things but as a woman you need to use this one on your beauty routine. It is wonderful. Ask me why and how I use it.


5.       Savvy Minerals. I love this make-up line free of toxic ingredients and 100% natural. It is versatile, fun y I can wear make-up with no worries.


I told you I was sharing my TOP 5 but the list is long one extra that it is a MUST in our home is Thieves Household Cleaner. One product, 100% natural and I clean EVERYTHING in my house.

So, tell me, what are your TOP 5 Young Living products and why?